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My Work 

My favorite part of being a writer is helping brands to extend their story to the world. I understand the importance of brand messaging through all forms of copy and deliver it in a way that looks and sounds like you! 

Additional Brands Supported

Renee MacDonald - Life Coach For Busy Brains 

I crafted and designed Renee's website including her logo, copy, social, and blog posts.


Click the photo to check it out! 

Image by Mohamed Nohassi

Basic American Foods 

Currently re-strategizing their social media and launching blog copy. 


Click the photo to check it out! 

Image by Markus Winkler

TrailsWest Trailers 

I help TrailsWest with blog and ad copy

Click the link to learn more! 

Image by Sarah W

Empower Weightloss 

I am currently helping Empower gain a larger audience in the Midwest through SEO-optimized blogs and social posts.

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Image by Vicky Sim


Helping to extend brand awareness through blogs and social content. 

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Image by Karsten Winegeart

Email Copy

Image by Christian Wiediger

Amazon Music and Podcast Editorials

Coming Soon! 


Email Copy

In my free time, I enjoy writing personal essays that have been published on sites like Elephant Journal. Feel free to check them out without the annoying paywall on my Medium. 

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